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LinkCom is an energetic and people-oriented technology company. We have a quality working environment, a complete insurance package, regular recreational activities, and different group activities.

Promotion Channel

We offer a free-flowing promotion channel and job rotation system in order to fully enable the talent and ability of our employees.

Organization Culture

Under the leadership of President Tan, LinkCom is a dynamic, lively, warm, and down-to-earth enterprise. LinkCom focuses on swift implementation of policies yet cares for the employees' feelings and opinions. LinkCom often holds social activities such as birthday parties, festival celebrations, warm and pleasant Year End parties, annual company tours, and spring/fall company outings along with social clubs like English clubs, dancing clubs and many other recreational activities.

Creative and cultural

Umbrella Employment Care

LinkCom offers Health Care, Labor Care, New Retirement Pension Plan, Group Insurance, Regular Life Insurance, Accident Insurance, and Medical Insurance in order to ensure the care and protection of each employee.

Dispatch Personnel Care

LinkCom offers dispatch personnel a designated dormitory with well-planned living functions including house care, recreation areas, free dining, and free health check-ups. Dispatch personnel also enjoy all the Umbrella Employment Care benefits in order to work safe and feel safe.


Weekends Off
2、Flexible Working Hours (AM8:00-AM9:00)
3、Labor/Health/Group Insurance
4、Bi-annual Performance Bonus, Year End Bonus
5、Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, and Moon Festival cash gifts
6、Complete training and development program


7、Merit employee selection



8、Department Dining subsidy


9、Birthday party and cash gift


10、Company tour and regular company outings


11、Employment Benefit Committee: Marriage/Funeral/Festivity/Club Activity subsidy


12、Employees free health checks


13、Free-flowing promotion channel
14、Ability and job function oriented salary structure