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LinkCom launched the latest system solution with innovative intelligent lighting technology


LinkCom attended the 2018 Smart City Summit & Expo organized by the Taipei City Government and the Computer Association was successfully completed on March 30th. It expanded the application and communication of the Internet of Things (IOT) across industries and field.


LinkCom announced its intelligent lighting system solution with the BLE Mesh network control technology for the first time. More than ten countries including Europe, the United States, and Southeast Asia intend to apply with their design solution when they build new smart cities. Major system integrators in Taiwan are willing to make horizontal alliances with different industries. We have substantial results with four-day exhibition.


LinkCom is connecting LED drivers with BLE Mesh technology to develop diverse BLE dimming devices with various specifications which can be combined with all types of LED lamps without additional wiring, installation or hub. With is technology, we don't need to worry about disconnection of Internet, instability to the maladjustment of the lighting control so as to reduce the time and cost of construction and installation. Furthermore it combines smart care, smart families, smart home, and smart communities, and then extend to smart cities and other platforms to apply AI as a ultimate combination to create a new look for innovation in human life.


This exhibition shows lively and innovative interactive atmosphere which designs indoor/outdoor and bar applications to let visitors experience with APP. By testing market with the Smart City Summit & Expo, we have a positive and optimistic expectation with the follow-up promotion and application.