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Data Backup and Network Sharing of IoT Lighting Network


After setting up IoT system with our app by construction team, how to share IoT lighting data with family host? Therefore, INCORE will offer the solution to you.

The contents of APP setting consist of Zones, Devices, Scenes and Schedules features. We can make it as a file and share IoT lighting network data with Wireless LAN or Email. By APP reading way, those data will be imported to APP which provide the solution share the same IoT lighting network. With IoT lighting data backup and network share support, it will be more convenient with construction team and family host and easy to share IoT lighting network as well.

LinkCom not only redefines lighting, but also develops many useful technologies from human-centric need. We will try our best to develop IoT products and step towards the goal of innovative and diversified high-tech company in the near future.