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LinkCom 30th Anniversary

Since 1988, LinkCom Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been in the field for over 30 years! During these days, everyone in LinkCom pursues for more advanced products, innovative techniques, and more importantly, a nonstop growing LinkCom.
"Employees are important to this company." said Julie, the president of LinkCom. Put every employee at the right position which can maximize their ability and grow with LinkCom, is the core culture of LinkCom. Therefore, LinkCom cares every employee who contributes to the company and no matter which position or department, they matter to LinkCom like families. We believe that once you work with LinkCom, LinkCom-er forever.
On July 22nd, LinkCom will celebrate its 30th anniversary "Gratitude to be honored with rising happiness" at Xindian the domal house with all employees and their relatives, and also all the VIPs who has been with LinkCom in 30 years. Let's become the pioneer of global telecommunication, power transformer, and LED power modules market from Asia together, from the root in Taiwan to the whole world.