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LinkCom is releasing programmable LED Power Supply.


LinkCom is planning to launch a compact-long size programmable LED driver in the third quarter of this year: INT-50W which delivers constant current LED power suppliers with 3-in-1 dimming control: 0~10V, PWM and resistor. This Series is divided into single output and dual output models. Dual-output model not only provides the dimming function but also is equipped with white and warm LED lights, which can be adjusted the color temperature, allowing users to adjust the brightness and color temperature according to user’s need.


With our INCORE programmable tool to set up the output current from 400mA to 1400mA, it can comply with different specifications of LED lights. Its dimming curve is also programmable, with a choice of linear or eye-adapted way. The dimming characteristic curve can be either normal or inverted direction depending on the habits of different areas. Dim-to off function is optional which you may turn on or off this feature.


The high reliability design of this series includes short-circuit, over-voltage, over-temperature and overload protection which enables our safety more competitive than others when end-users apply.