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Coupling transformer of LTC0388-50 <C0389-50


The design was approved by Qualcomm PL16(QCA7005).The operating temperature is -40 ~+105 degree and the operation frequency band from 2Mhz to 30Mhz.
The LTC0388/0389 is designed to comply with the Homeplug Green PHY protocol, and used to vehicle charging pile PLC ( power line communication) as a coupling transformer in vehicle charging power management.
As global vehicle market will reach 1EA in2020,and its EV/HEV are expected to reach 3.2 million vehicles
by 2021.Thus,envery countries are active to deploying public charging equipment and combing production of power device manufactures , it will have great potential to develop this market.
The LTC0388/0389 has good signal coupling and low signal attenuation.
At present, it has been approved by car manufacture Tire1 to place an order and will delivery to client begin in 2021.