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Date Type Title
2020-05-06 New Product PoE power planar Transformer
2020-03-09 New Product 40W Dual Dimmable LED Power Supply
2019-12-24 New Product Music features Introduction of IoT Lighting System
2019-10-25 New Product Data Backup and Network Sharing of IoT Lighting Network
2019-08-28 New Product LAD Series: Low Voltage Driver for LED Landscape Lighting
2019-07-23 New Product LinkCom is releasing programmable LED Power Supply.
2019-05-15 New Product Creative Art Application for Landscape of LinkCom
2019-02-21 New Product LinkCom is releasing TRIAC plus 0-10v dimmable LED Power Supply.
2018-10-03 New Product INCORE 5-13W TRI
2018-06-21 New Product BLE Intelligent Lighting Control